2014 Career Workshops

“Career planning for young scientists” by Dr. Simon Golin

“An occupation in research and teaching, a career in the economic or service sector or in a nonprofit organisation – for a postdoc there are numerous career paths open. Because of this, strategic career planning is necessary. A series of important questions has to be answered: What are my goals and interests, what are my strengths and weaknesses? Where can I apply? Do I know what is expected of me and how to deal with that? On the basis of these questions the current application standards are conveyed. With the help of selected examples from practice, the participants develop competencies needed for a successful individual approach to the application process.”

“Exploring Unconscious Assumptions” by Dr. Henri-Michele Yéré

“The goal of this workshop is to provide examples and tools for participants to learn how to understand why they take decisions the way they do, refine their decision-making philosophy accordingly and re-engage their work environment on a fresh basis.”