Storytelling workshop

Storytelling workshop

Storytelling and Storyboarding Science

 Workshop description 

“Great stories happen to those who can tell them.” (Ira Glass) 

We seek to challenge, inspire, and train scientists to use narrative techniques and strategies employed in film to produce persuasive presentations and publications. Borrowing communication strategies and techniques from filmmakers and applying them in science communication will help scientists for better communication of their research, and scientists are wise enough to do so! 

Program Information 


Scientists learn how to borrow communication strategies and techniques from filmmakers and how to apply them in communicating their science. 


Scientists re-write their biographies, abstracts and presentations by using narrative attributes used by filmmakers. 


Samer Angelone holds two PhDs in Film Studies and Biology. He is the founder of the Global Science Film Festival and works as a jury-member for prestigious international film festivals. Angelone has directed several fiction and documentary films. He teaches ‘Filmmaking for Scientists’, ‘Storytelling & Storyboarding Science’, and ‘Video-journalism for Scientists’ at different universities, research institutes and film festivals. 

Sponsor: Karger Publishers 

Karger Publishers is a worldwide publisher of scientific and medical content based in Basel, Switzerland. Connecting and advancing health sciences since 1890, Karger has been continuously evolving, keeping pace with the current developments and shifts in research and publishing. The publishing house is dedicated to serving the information needs of the scientific community, clinicians, and patients with publications of high-quality content and services in health sciences. Karger Publishers has 240 employees and is present in 15 countries around the globe. 

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