We are delighted to welcome following distinguished scientists for 2017 keynote speech:

Prof. Dr. Klaus-Robert Müller is Head of the machine learning department at Technical University, Berlin and is known for his extensive work in statistical learning theory for neural networks, support vector machines, and ensemble learning techniques.  His current interests are expanded to the analysis of biomedical data, most recently to brain computer interfacing, genomic data analysis, computational chemistry, and atomistic simulations.

 Prof. Dr. Gianluca Lattanzi is an Associate Professor of Applied Physics at the University of Trento, Italy. His main research field is molecular modeling, based mainly on the application of statistical and computational physics to cases of interest to experimental groups, with a clear preference for problems of biological or medical relevance.

Prof. Dr. Pauline M. Rudd is an NIBRT Professor of Glycobiology at University College, Dublin. Her research interests include understanding the role of different glycosylation patterns in diseases such as cancer, and how these diseases alter the glycan processing pathways.